Label Focus #1 Soulection

Label Focus #1 Soulection ‘The Sound Of Tomorrow’

Formed by DJ and visionary Joe Kay,visual artist Guillaume Bonte and motion designer (and DJ) Andre Power in 2011,  Soulection is a record label, radio show and niche collective of creative music makers worldwide. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Soulection came about as part of the second wave of the post-00’s LA beats scene led by perfect weirdos such as Flying Lotus and Low End Theory. These children of the beat (still only early twentysomethings) have managed to deliver over 30 quality releases (many starting as freebies on the net!) while creating a strong and distinct visual identity. Their development of a global fan network through newsletters, giveaways and live events has helped raise the profiles of their roster organically without losing their identity as a forward-facing label. And it’s mainly slow instrumental based soul music. Inspiring stuff….

With a roster that includes names as fresh as Dpat, Sango, Ta-Ku, Esta, Iamnobodi, Atu, Lakim and Jo Def, we reckon their sound and vision will keep developing nicely, thank you very much... If acts like The Weeknd can support Drake on a world tour and get 10 million hits on Youtube then who knows where some of these kids are heading?

Soulection say themselves..”Do What You Love”