MIX NOTES 1. ‘Boomkrakbap

The Boom, The Krak, the Bap...where the shadows of real hip hop reach out and inform so much of what I love about new music..

Opening with Dpat’s ‘Above Us’, an extremely deep and dubbed out indie soul track from one of my label’s of the moment, Soulection. With more than a nod to James Blake, this features Sango (who is everywhere right now) and Isles, slowing my heart down to a warm hummmmmmmmmmm….

ChromadaData takes the sound of Roger Troutman and puts his own sparse RnB spin on it with ‘Closer’, a pleading seduction that probably makes babies on it’s own…like a jheri-curled earthworm.

Sticking with the US, we move to Chicago and Jeremiah Jae, an MC, producer and visual artist who has been killing it with his releases and collaborations with Brainfeeder, Flylo and Jonwayne to name just a few. ‘King Raid’ is a brooding piece of hip hop psychedelia that recalls Doom at his most scrambled.

We finally leave the States and check out Denmark’s Peder, a guy with two decades of creating sounds behind him who is still releasing fresh work and making waves right now with  award-winning videos and odd but lovely cinematic grooves . ‘Monoglukose’ sounds like the soundtrack to a comedy-zombie-porno. I may have to make it.

The end of the mix and this Paskal & Urban Absolutes remix of Jazzanova‘s ‘That Night’ isn’t particularly informed by the Boom or the Bap but I felt it needed lifting out of it’s tempo fascism and the vocals fit well with the smoothness of the opening slower tracks. Deep, rattling and euphoric...time for a disco bath...