About Truth & Lies 

Truth and Lies are event curators, DJ's and champions of international music and culture. 

We bring together music, art, film, live music, design, talks and food to create events that connect all the senses and introduce audiences to extraordinary sounds, tastes, people and places.  

Projects include festival curation, venue programming,  one off parties and launches. 


'Truth & Lies have curated some of the best nights over the first 12 months of Rough Trade Nottingham - with content diverse as the crowd who follow their work. Far more than simply DJs or promoters, T & L content is always making the right statement - artistically, socially and politically.'  - Kyle Hougham (Rough Trade Nottingham Manager)

‘Not for the weak, they get it into the last minute. You gave us no break..That was wild, was blown away! Rocking and dancing to Archie Shepp = Unreal!’ - Dave Davis (Sun Ra Arkestra)